p2p network for creators & sovereign communities

OmniFlix Network is a p2p network for creators and sovereign communities to achieve efficiency in web2 & web3 media management, distribution and monetization while also helping community members engage in meaningful ways via on-chain data.

Why the focus on Creators?

Creators create.

They experiment, take risks and push the world as we know forward. Be it story telling, writing code or even bringing people together to form communities, they create and execute and do things/tell stories that change the world!

We intend to empower creators with content creation, management, distribution and monetization technology that'll help them do more of what they do best, create.

Why the focus on sovereign communities?

Communities, coordinate and collaborate to create value.

Coordination and collaboration have taken the human race (and even many species of animals & plants) forward. With the intent to enable this cooperation, we are focused on empowering communities with the technology required to:

  • collaborate

  • coordinate

  • communicate AND

  • create value (content, code, create more communities of value, etc.)

If the above activities are areas of focus for communities, the sole reason to focus on building for stakeholders of communities is to provide opportunities for individuals to explore what they are good at and passionate about WITHOUT sacrificing the ability to monetize (individually or in collectives).

Why are we a network and NOT a platform or an app?

While working with media, we believe the creator must focus on the art of creation itself rather than thinking about the business of creation/sources of monetization.

For this reason, we believe that all aspects of creation, curation, collaboration & consumption must work together rather than operate in independent silos. This requires in all stakeholders working together and utilize technology for the benefit of everyone involved.

An app or a platform simply serves a set of stakeholders that participate in the network but doesn't usually address all concerns involved in the entire supply chain of operations. Stakeholder-specific focus is required to solve specific problems, but not address them as a whole for which we need holistic solutions.

Does this mean we are a protocol?

No, OmniFlix, as mentioned above is a network which implements the set of protocols required for all stakeholders to coordinate, collaborate and execute. This means, OmniFlix while implementing other protocols for creation, management, distribution & monetization, also develops required protocols that might be missing in the current interchain content and communities infrastructure.

Building blocks

The OmniFlix Network is built off of 3 base components for every stakeholder involved:

  • Economy

  • Infrastructure

  • Marketplace(s)

Key stakeholders like an independent creator/Studio/Record Label/agency can use tooling of the OmniFlix Network to:

  • create/mint media assets (web2 & web3) and communities

  • manage media assets and communities

  • distribute media assets in linear or on-demand formats


  • monetize media assets & community interactions

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