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OmniFlix Network's products that help creators and communities do what they do best!

OmniFlix Network

๐Ÿ’ก OmniFlix is a p2p network for creators and communities to create, manage and distribute their intellectual property, starting with media assets. OmniFlix Network helps stakeholders use the web3 stack to distribute assets and engage with their community, all powered by sovereign infrastructure.

Letโ€™s break it down!!

Network Overview

  1. Protocol

  2. Stakeholders

  3. Infrastructure (Node Hosts)

  4. Development

1) OmniFlix Hub - Protocol

  1. Proof of Stake network powered by Tendermint consensus framework (the same, used by Polygon, Crypto.com and others)

  2. Powered by 64 validators with NO nodes being run by the team

  3. Interoperable with 13 blockchains (that include DEXs, lending protocols, infrastructure providers and more)

  4. Successfully produced 2M+ blocks

  5. Processed over 100k txs WITHOUT the token, FLIX being launched

2) Stakeholders

Stakeholders of the OmniFlix Network includes but is not limited to:

  1. Creators

    • Independent

    • Studios or Record Labels

    • Protocols

  2. Curators

    1. Independent

    2. DAOs

  3. Communities

    1. Creator/Publisher Communities

    2. Protocols

    3. centralized or dApps

    4. Other web2 communities

  4. Node Hosts

    1. Validators

    2. Relayers

    3. Storage Nodes

      1. Origin

      2. Delivery

  5. Developers that build

    1. core protocol

    2. tools

    3. apps

    4. contracts

  6. Partners

    1. Movie Distribution Houses

      1. Mango Mass Media

      2. Aditya Movies

    2. Music Distribution / Record Labels

      1. Aditya Music

      2. Mango Music

    3. Game Development Studios

      1. Gamitronics whose chain, Partynite is a fork of the OmniFlix Network

3) Infrastructure

3.1) Validators

  • The nodes that validate the state of the chain and produce blocks in the POS network

  • Operate completely based on voting power and the ability for delegations to operate

3.2) Relayers

  • Nodes relay packets between multiple chains and OmniFlix and vice-versa

3.3) Storage Node Hosts

  1. Origin Storage

  2. Delivery of content

3.4) Other Node Types

Other types of nodes that power the network are:

  1. Full Nodes

  2. RPC Nodes

  3. Data Nodes with data processed for specific insights

4) Development

A list of apps within the OmniFlix Ecosystem

1) OmniFlix Studio

  • About โ€” THE single interface for creators, studios, record labels and communities to create, manage, distribute and monetize their NFTs by publishing or listing them on the marketplace

<aside> ๐Ÿ’ก Note: Needs installation of Keplr (Metamask for Cosmos)


  • OmniFlix Studio offers users the ability to upload media files and store them on IPFS before they are minted.

  • Currently, the first version is used by Creators, Studios, Record Labels and Game Development Studios for their NFT management.

A preview of how the landing page of OmniFlix Studio looks to help stakeholders manage their assets as well as communities.

2) OmniFlix Market

  • A simple marketplace for the NFTs minted on the OmniFlix blockchain or the OmniFlix Hub.

  • All NFTs can be managed right from Studio in bulk or one by one from the marketplace.

  • Currently, only a fixed-price sale exists but going forward, an auction model will open up as well.

  • NFT with media types such as audio, video, text, images and more are also supported. Support for 3D assets is coming soon.

  • Validators, Artists, DAOs, platforms and other types of stakeholders have dropped NFTs on OmniFlix till date.

  • Eventually, the OmniFlix.market will feature the ability for NFT owners to license their assets for fixed-time period, provided they have the rights to do it.


3) OmniFlix InSync โ€” OmniFlix for Communities

(on-chain community tokens for sovereign communities)

OmniFlix for Communities is a hybrid app (web2 + web3) that provides a layer of utility on top of your sovereign chain.

  1. web3 app connected to various custom networks that might need token-gated access to their communities

  2. Token-gating here refers to

    • hodl-based gating

    • stake-based gating

    • governance-participation based gating and

    • activity-based gating i.e. participation in on-chain / off-chain network activities & more

  3. All on-chain activity is measured and eligibility is determined

    • For example, an account is eligible to join/stay in a Telegram group 'x' if and only if it has voted on more than 5 proposals or more.

  4. Other on-chain activities such as historical activity, current activity and related network effects (i.e. if any of your friends have your own DAO's tokens, you are allowed to participate).

    • How are your friends determined? โ€” if you ever sent & received a tx to a specific account, that indicates your relationship and if there are your own DAO's tokens in your 1st degree network, you are eligible to participate and gain incentives.

    • An implementation // registration guide for users to connect to the OmniFlix for Communities web app โ€” Link

OmniFlix Community, an implementation on the Terra's testnet

Connecting a blockchain account and Telegram account gives users access to eligible groups

4) OmniFlix TV (currently in Alpha)

single interface for creators to publish their content as NFTs (videos, audio tracks, images & even interactive videos)

URL โ€”https://alpha.OmniFlix.tv

<aside> ๐Ÿ’ก Note: Needs installation of Keplr (Metamask for Cosmos)


  • web3 app offering password-less logins through Metamask (for Ethereum) and Keplr (for Cosmos-SDK based custom chains like OmniFlix Networks, etc.).

  • Interface to access interactive videos, that are created via OmniFlix Studio (for now).

OmniFlix.tv's home page, currently accessible viahttps://alpha.omniflix.tv

Connect a MetaMask wallet or connect your own blockchain's wallet, powered by Keplr.

Click to open a video which is an interactive video โ€” to the top right is FreeFlix's FlixNet chain (OmniFlix Network was previously called FreeFlix and the account address is in the format โ€” freeflix1.....adggnxuz)

The current leader board does not have our account address displayed to the top right corner of the page. This indicates that the account has not participated earlier.

Play the video to start interacting!

Question pops and a count-down begins for users to answer the question before time runs out! Answer any and all questions that appear and click on Submit.

The leader board now shows that our connected account has answered specific questions and stands in the 4th place โ€” Communities can choose to hide this information as well.

<aside> ๐Ÿ‘‰ For increased adoption, the OmniFlix Network is focused on a top-down approach where the DAO (with the core team and partners) is able to manage implementations across Studios, Record Labels, Institutions, Platforms (centralized & decentralized) to increase adoption across industries and regions.


Enterprise applications on the network

To bootstrap network activities, the OmniFlix Network has developed 4 applications that work with the OmniFlix Network and other networks that are sovereign (or on networks like Ethereum):

1) OmniFlix Studio (v1) โ€” For Enterprises

  • The single interface to interact with the OmniFlix Network to:

    • mint, manage and monetize media assets

    • manage community tokens (fungible tokens & non-fungible assets) and community interactions

    • create interactive videos published onhttps://alpha.OmniFlix.tv


As soon as you login, all Assets are visible within OmniFlix Studio โ€” Can view videos, audio files, graphics and text files (srt files, pdfs & more) as required, along with Recently Added files.

Deeper metadata can be accessed with a single click on the asset (with metadata support in a native language as well)

All assets that are part of OmniFlix Studio can be previewed before being distributed to various platforms.

Run a 24x7 linear broadcast using OmniFlix Studio, a fully-automated cloud-powered media server!

A partner broadcast running on their YouTube channel

If you are keen to try out OmniFlix Studio for your media management operations, feel free to let us know by writing to the OmniFlix team or by sending us an email on info@OmniFlix.network

Social content creation, curation, collaboration โ€” all in the metaverse

A metaverse world where we partnered with the First Audio Club & broadcast content 24x7 for club members to enjoy with the ability to curate on-demand videos as well.w

A partner broadcast, running in an open metaverse (open virtual world which is free-to-roam). Click to experience.

A launch party with multiple people in a controlled metaverse world (virtual world where users can move from point to point)

2) OmniFlix Nucleus (enterprise edition)

  • OmniFlix Nucleus is a single destination for asset-publishing by communities (creators, Studios, Record Labels, fan communities or any DAO that manages media)

  • Nucleus can enable token-gated access only.

  • Independent members can publish content by contributing to Content Pools.

Content Pools

  • Content Pools are collections of assets that are either/or created, curated as playlists, collections, etc., either algorithmically (or) manually by a single individual or a community.

  • Content Pools are used for grouping assets with specific terms for both content providers as well as licensees.

  • Content Pools are also used by platforms that do not need to own content, but can take access to Pools for content distribution and all monetization can be proportionately attributed to every individual (content creator, owner, licensee, pool, platform and other curators involved in the distribution supply chain).


Here is the Nucleus landing page on Desktop. White-labeled solution can be implemented exclusively for partners at https://sub-domain.omniflix.tv.

View of OmniFlix Nucleus on mobile

3) OmniFlix for events

end to end sovereign infrastructure to accept payments in fiat and crypto, fully non-custodial

  • In 2021, we powered in-event activity with NFT for their sponsors and attendees.

  • In 2022, we built pre-event infrastructure to manage ticket inventory sold in fiat and tokens with the ticket itself, minted as an NFT on OmniFlix

  • On July 13th, at 8pm UTC, we launched the the first ever batch of 200 tickets that could be purchased with both fiat and $ATOM. The batch sold out in 4hrs and the next batch with 300 tickets sold out a week later in 2 days with 50% sales in fiat and $ATOM, each.

  • This pushed OmniFlix into a league of itโ€™s own creating what is the first fully sovereign ticketing in a web2.5 route considering the implementation of Stripe for fiat payments.

Closing Thoughts on why OmniFlix?

The OmniFlix protocol exists to simplify operations around the:

  • creation

  • minting (or tokeniziation)

  • management

  • distribution and

  • monetization

.. of media assets with engaging and ever-lasting community interactions.

This helps creators & sovereign communities/DAOs to have an sovereign, yet interoperable infrastructure for NFTs available in the context of publishing, licensing of assets and community engagement.

OmniFlix combines the best of both worlds where your infrastructure, code and operations are all sovereign yet interoperable.

  • Sovereign infrastructure without Interoperability will mean the network operates in a silo

  • Interoperable infrastructure without sovereignity will mean dependency of the network on another network

Connect with us

Interested to implement OmniFlix's NFT & community infrastructure for your film3 movie, studio or your community? Want to create the next-gen media studio on the blockchain?

Write to us on our website and in case of any specific queries, reach out to us on Discord or Instagram or Twitter or Reddit even on our public Telegram Group Chat.

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