💎oNFT Standard

OmniFlix works with creators and sovereign communities to help them utilize NFTs to better manage their intellectual property (IP) that is historical, current or futuristic.

The oNFT standard for NFTs

The current oNFT module which is short for OmniFlix NFTs is based on a model that the current Cosmos SDK has with classes and assets and is a derivative of the IRIS Network NFT standard.

The current assumptions are pretty primitive but powerful enough to mint, manage and distribute:

  • 1/1 digital art collectibles (reference project)

  • digital art -- images, video, audio & even text (reference project)

  • utility oriented NFTs (reference project)

  • communities (reference project)

  • events (reference project)

  • marketing by communities (reference project)

  • playable NFTs (reference project)

..and a lot more.

The oNFT standard is currently utilized by the following chains:

  • OmniFlix Hub

  • Partynite (website)

  • Elements of Cosmos, an AAA game in the Cosmos ecosystem

Connect with us

Interested to implement OmniFlix's NFT & community infrastructure for your film3 movie, studio or your community? Want to create the next-gen media studio on the blockchain?

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