exploring the various token standards that can be issued on the OmniFlix Network

An ecosystem overview

There are multiple blockchains in the world and each have their own standards or utilize existing standards of token generation. The most relevant ones are described and detailed as follows:

1) Fungible Tokens

Ethereum and EVM based chains

  • ERC20 for the tokens that are minted on the Ethereum network. The tokens that are created on an EVM on Ethereum.

  • ERC721, ERC1155 ERC998 and more token standards for non-fungible tokens.


  1. Solana

    1. Solana's SPL20 token standard

    2. Solana's metaplex non-fungible token standard

  2. Flow Blockchain

  3. Tezos

Cosmos Ecosystem

  1. ICS20 tokens are the fungible tokens within the Cosmos Network

  2. IBC tokens - These are ICS20 tokens but do NOT reside on the native chain. Every IBC channel produces an ICS20 token on the chain to which messages are being relayed. Know more about IBC here.

  3. Non-fungible tokens

  4. Other futuristic token models

  5. Hierarchical non-fungible tokens

  6. iNFTs or smart NFTs which are created using AI/logic embedded within NFT models (powered by contracts or oracles)

  7. Semi-fungible tokens

  8. Non-transferable NFTs

  9. Multi-token Standard for NFTs

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