OmniFlix Market

OmniFlix Market helps creators and collectors list and monetize their NFTs.

OmniFlix Market

The OmniFlix Network's Marketplace app is for creators to distribute and monetize their NFTs while it is a place for collectors to explore and collect NFTs. App hosted on

1) Request for a Fee Grant on OmniFlix Market

Request for a fee grant on OmniFlix Market to enjoy a hassle free and gas-free transaction experience

2) Transfer an NFT on OmniFlix Market

Transfer an NFT to another account via OmniFlix Market

3) List an NFT on OmniFlix Market

List an NFT from your account right on OmniFlix Market

4) De-list an NFT for sale on OmniFlix Market

Watch this video to know more about de-listing an NFT that you own from the OmniFlix Market

5) Deposit or Withdraw (Cosmos) IBC tokens on OmniFlix Market

Use the OmniFlix Market for more than collecting NFTs. Use it to deposit or withdraw Cosmos IBC tokens right into the OmniFlix Hub

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