OmniFlix Communities aims to enable on-chain and off-chain collectives to coordinate and collaborate - to create, curate, engage, interact & more

What is an OmniFlix Community?

A community that is created on:

  • the OmniFlix Hub

  • that's created on a different network

based on the apps/modules/contracts used by OmniFlix are referred to as an OmniFlix Communities.

Who is this for?

Anyone that is looking to build communities around on-chain data can utilize OmniFlix for their community setup along with active & automated management.

We have been working with various communities (validators, delegators, infrastructure providers, etc.) and other social communities to develop on-chain and off-chain solutions for their community operations.

Key benefits

  • The advantage of a Community created on top of the OmniFlix blockchain will be that, it will be interoperable right from the start.

  • OmniFlix communities function with the oNFT module and everything that OmniFlix has to offer.

  • DAOs on OmniFlix will focus on the use of content or media and the primitive of an NFT to engage communities. Fungible Tokens are also supported within these DAOs and IBC tokens or tokens on OmniFlix can be used by the DAO as voted upon by the members of the DAO.

Connect with us

Interested to implement OmniFlix's NFT & community infrastructure for your film3 movie, studio or your community? Want to create the next-gen media studio on the blockchain?

Write to us on our website and in case of any specific queries, reach out to us on Discord or Instagram or Twitter or Reddit even on our public Telegram Group Chat.

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