🤓Brand Guidelines

This is a page that provides details on the brand guidelines of the OmniFlix Network. Can consider this as a media kit of the OmniFlix Network, but without the PR material!

Below are the icon and logo files that are a part of the OmniFlix Network's branding.

  • You can download the logo files here

  • Do not use the logo with a different font than what's utilized in the above images/files

  • Always write OMNIFLIX as OmniFlix (with a capital `O` and a capital `F`) and not as omniflix orOmniflix

  • Do not combine the wordmark or text logo with other icons/wordmarks unless during the creation of memes

  • The word FLIX refers to the token that secures or powers the OmniFlix blockchain, while the word OmniFlix usually refers to the blockchain network or an associated product such as OmniFlix Studio, OmniFlix Market, OmniFlix inSync and others.

Connect with us

Interested to implement OmniFlix's NFT & community infrastructure for your film3 movie, studio or your community? Want to create the next-gen media studio on the blockchain?

Write to us on our website and in case of any specific queries, reach out to us on Discord or Instagram or Twitter or Reddit even on our public Telegram Group Chat.

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